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Aeropole On Its Way to Completion

 - May 24, 2017, 6:38 AM

Switzerland’s Aeropole “technopark” says that developments at its home base, Payerne Aerodrome, are well on their way to being completed, with the main taxiway between Aeropole One and the tarmac already completed. Both runways 5 and 23 are ILS equipped while the latter also has a GNSS approach, which will make the airport available to a wider variety of aircraft types.

Companies such as Boschung, Speedwings and Swiss Aeropole will are moving into facilities at the airport.

Boschung’s world headquarters will be inaugurated in August 2017. The company produces special-purpose vehicles, machinery and electronic systems for airport maintenance and highway and local service. Moving to Aeropole will allow Boschung to test and market these products.

Meanwhile, Speedwings will begin construction in August 2017. Its facility will feature three hangars for aircraft maintenance, storage and operations. According to Aeropole, these facilities will allow Speedwings to facilitate business operations so they flow smoothly at the airport–while encouraging more air commerce.

Swiss Aeropole, which recently named Urs Ryf as president, will also have an office onsite.