Leonardo Opens AW101 Training Center in Norway

 - June 15, 2017, 12:28 PM

 Leonardo Helicopters opened its AW101 Norway Training Center at Stavanger Sola Airport this week. The center includes a new Level-D AW101 full-flight simulator developed by CAE. The platform is based on CAE's Series 3000 device and features six degree-of-freedom (DOF) electric motion system and a high-performance vibration platform, a high-fidelity visual system, and a direct projection 210 degree by 80 degree extreme field-of-view dome display.

This new simulator incorporates mission systems such as SAR autopilot modes, digital map, radar, aircraft mission management computer, multi-purpose control and display units, cockpit display system and a flotation system. Search-and-rescue (SAR), offshore transport, combat SAR and naval operations including procedures such as low-level flight, confined area operations, autorotations and landing on platforms at sea, are among the missions that can be run on the system. The simulator will be used to train Royal Norwegian Air Force pilots and other customers.

In 2013, Norway ordered 16 AW101s for SAR missions. The contract includes training and support for 15 years. The Norwegian Air Force pilots started training in the simulator this week ahead of the delivery of the first two of those aircraft scheduled for later this year.