Paris Air Show

Gifas Holds Career and Training Forums at Paris Air Show

 - June 15, 2017, 4:06 PM

Gifas, the French Aerospace Industries Association, has dedicated an entire area of the Paris Air Show to career and training opportunities in the aerospace, defense and air transport industries. With the theme of “Journey to the Heart of Excellence,” the area will be divided into two sections—The Careers Plane and the Jobs and Training Forum. The Careers Plane will feature demonstrations and conversations with professionals in the industry; while the Jobs and Training Forum will focus on introducing individuals to recruitment managers from companies and training schools.

The Careers Plane itself is divided by themes, including design, industrialization and product as well as support, marketing and maintenance. Professionals such as flight test engineers, industrial project managers, radar operators, big data engineers, laminator-fitters, avionics mechanics, aeronautics painters and foundry operators will answer questions about their projects and the products they use. While visitors will meet aircraft manufacturers, they will also be able to see specific products used in live demonstrations. Ultimately, visitors will be able to touch real products such as engines, helicopter rotor blades, airplane seats and altimeters.

The Jobs and Training Forum will benefit those looking to interact with companies, universities and other aviation associations. The goal of this section is to inform students choosing a training course or apprenticeship, help recent graduates find a job and guide the younger audience in choosing their careers. Visitors will explore opportunities the aviation industry has to offer.

According to Gifas officials, the French aerospace industry stabilized and consolidated hiring trends of 2016. While there were 10,000 hires in the aerospace industry last year, 2017 is expected to see 8,000 hires. Both the Careers Plane and Job and Training Forum present an opportunity to speak to those in the industry and hear their experiences.